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High-Tech Sun-Tracking Solar Panels and Other Renewable Energy;  Desalination;  Environmental Impact Statements & Reports



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State-of-the-Art Renewable Energy:  Ocean Wave, Tidal, Small Stream Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Local Wind, and Solar Energy

Salt Water Desalination along Coastlines of Oceans and Inland Salt Water Seas and Lakes, Meteorological and Hydrologic Instrumentation

Environmental Planning, Impact Statements and Reports, Environmental Site Assessments, Flood Warning Systems; Rangeland Management

Global Warming Climate Change Modeling; Thermo-Haline Ocean Circulation Modeling; Expert Geophysical Data Analysis; Hazmat Training


Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.

Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., President, CEO, and Principal Scientist, Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc., Chairman of the Board and Principal Energy & Data Specialist, plus Zane A. Stephens, M.S., Executive Vice President and Principal Environmental Scientist, of Environmental Science & Energy, Inc., are offering the development of innovative high-tech renewable energy and ocean water desalination, including: 

Small-stream hydroelectric energy, employing local hydroelectric power turbines in urban creeks and rivers. 

Highly efficient solar energy from self-adjusting, sun-tracking solar panels for homes, farms, schools, and businesses, using state-of-the-art, solar panels hat follow the sun throughout the day at all seasons of the year.

Highly efficient, low-cost wind energy  for homes, farms, schools, and businesses, using state-of-the-art small wind generators. 

Local geothermal energy.

Ocean wave and tidal energy, employing small offshore energy platforms.

Salt water desalination along the coastline of California and other regions in the U.S. short of water, as well as around the world.

We also offer various environmental services, listed below under Other Environmental Services.

For details and a mini-CV of each of our officers, board members, and others of  Environmental Science & Energy, Inc., go to our  About Us  page.

High-Tech Solar, Small-Stream Hydroelectric, Wind, Wave, Tidal, and Other Renewable Energy: 

Many scientists, politicians, and other leaders, in numerous speeches over the past several years, have strongly advocated that our nation develop renewable energy in order to get away from fossil fuels. 

It has become evident that there is an increasingly urgent need for the development of alternate sources of energy.  Especially needed are economically feasible sources of renewable energy, such as ocean wave and tidal energy, as well as small-stream hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, and solar energy. 

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Renewable energy development offered by Environmental Science & Energy, Inc. -- a general overview

High-tech local solar and wind energy, including self-adjusting, sun-tracking solar panels.

Small stream hydroelectric energy and local geothermal energy

Ocean wave and tidal energy

For a complete list of our services, go to our Summary page.

Call (844) 330-3600 to discuss your specific needs for renewable energy generation

Salt Water Desalination and Other Environmental Services:

Environmental Science & Energy, Inc. also offers a number of other environmental services, including: 

Salt water desalination:  oceans and salty inland seas & lakes -- greatly needed, especially in California and India !

Meteorological and hydrologic instruments

Environmental planning

Environmental impact statements and reports

Environmental site assessments

Environmental monitoring systems

Flood warning systems

Geophysical data and expert data analysis

Global warming climate change modeling

Thermo-haline ocean circulation modeling

Natural resources conservation programs

Rangeland management programs

Other environmental services.

Click on an underlined topic below for details:

Salt water desalination along the coastlines of oceans and inland salt water seas and lakes

Environmental planning, impact statements, impact reports, site assessments, natural resources conservation

Meteorological and hydrologic instruments; other scientific instruments and systems;  weather stations

Flood warning systems, earthquake monitoring systems, environmental monitoring systems

Global warming and climate change modeling; thermo-haline ocean circulation modeling

Geophysical data from 30-terabyte base, expert data analysis, pinpoint data interpolation, broadcast quality data graphing and mapping, and court trial exhibits

Call (844) 330-3600 to discuss your specific needs for environmental services, flood warning systems, global warming modeling, or expert data analysis.


Our other companies offer numerous other scientific and engineering services, including:

Forensic discovery and expert witness testimony in environmental matters and in meteorology and other sciences and engineering  (call (888) 786-7696).

Customized weather forecasts and seasonal weather outlooks (call (800) 843-7246.

Weather alerts and certified weather observers (call (800) 843-7246). 

Structural and infrastructure inspections, repairs, and restoration -- or replacement (call (844) 330-3800).

Keyword Summary of services offered.  For a comprehensive keyword summary of services offered by  Environmental Science & Energy, Inc., as well as Structural Integrity Solutions, Inc., American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC, and The Associated Science Experts, click on:

Services offered, Part 1:  Structural Integrity;  Renewable Energy;  Research;  Other Services

Services offered, Part 2:  Forensic Discovery and Expert Testimony;  Meteorological Services

Services offered, Part 3: Data; Environmental Planning; Global Warming; Instruments; Warning


For more information about  these services and other programs:

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